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Race Course Descriptions

The High Desert Trail System is made of three loops known as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Mesas. These loops become progressively harder from 1st to 3rd. All three will be utilized for the different category's courses.

Cat 3 "Beginner"/Collegiate C Course Profile
The 8 mile Beginner Course consists of a short, fast, and fun route which starts on the gravel road and gives racers about 1 mile to get sorted before hitting singletrack. Racers will then complete a "short" 2nd Mesa loop, then on to complete a 1st Mesa loop, finishing with a brief section of two track for those with a final burst of sprint energy! This short course is very doable for riders of all ages and a great introduction to mountain bike racing, but does boast slickrock, loose corners, and a couple climbs that will keep you honest.
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Cat 2 "Sport"/Collegiate B/Single Speed Short Course Profile
The 16.5 mile Sport Course utilizes 2nd, 3rd AND 1st Mesas this year. In this category you will experience everything the High Desert Trail System has to offer. While very fast overall, out on 3rd Mesa you will be challenged by constant up and down terrain, serious switchbacks, and the kind of single track that doesn't give you much chance to rest.
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Cat 1 "Expert"/Collegiate A/Pro/Single Speed Long Course Profile
The 28 mile Expert/Pro Course is similar to the sport course but riders will be doing two laps on the 2nd and 3rd Mesa, and finishing with a lap around 1st mesa. As the name of this category implies this is a pretty serious course. Riders will be doing two laps on the toughest and slowest loop of the High Desert Trail System. There are harder rides out there, but this course is worthy. Riders must start their second lap before 1.5 hours into the race.
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